Across global films make people to tie, and the affects whether these are positive or not

'Global Film' sourced from The Global Film Institute
‘Global Film’, sourced from The Global Film Institute

All mankind around the world own different mother tongues, cultures and skin tones. However, the spreads of Globalization; after the time, we are able to communicate with the occupations at different regions.

Meanwhile in filming industries, Globalization has widely practiced and executed into the industries, not only the communications between people, and also to able the industries to thrive. Back to the topic, each different occupations at different regions are able to see overseas films in their living room with seating a downy sofa. According to the theory belonged to evolved technologies, different people have been able to easily understand and adopt different languages and cultures in their actual lives.

The Hollywood Movies, originated from the Las Vegas, have taught to people what American Patriotism and Imperialism imply. Furthermore, several Korean movies and K-Pop originated from South Korea have taught us the effects of Plastic Surgery.

Not only has such the negative effected as shown above, these films and cultural aspects have made many people indirectly experiencing other regions’ aspects, without boarding to the destinations; and people, who are bored to the local cultures, to be laughed for newly transformed humours that never experienced before at the boundary line of local areas. At least, I know who Stephen Chow is. Personally, he is one of the most favourite Chinese actor for me. Moreover, his acting style is really well-collaborated to my preference.

At the conclusion of the essay, I would like to define the word ‘Glolocalization’, the compounded word that compounds the words ‘Global’, ‘Local’ and ‘-lization’; adapting and being globalized at limited local areas.


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