Restructuring the composition of the world in the modern history: the supremacy, world-economics and religions

Our history has rapidly passed away, and there were uncountable events which cannot be contradicted. The past history, such as The People’s Revolutions, the Industrial Revolution, Renin and the Raising Communism, the Second World War and the Cold War, has made the world unlikely our leaders had expected.

The Soviet Union had fallen; the Red Bear had fallen, and the raising of Panda.

Nowadays, the People’s Republic of China is emerging as one of G2, the new world order, recently restructured by Washington and Beijing; particularly in which the Government in China has insisted on accepting the Chinese Yuan as a reserve currency into the world markets. Mostly to take its superiority than the United States Dollar in transacting international bonds and oil dealings.

According to its new transformation of new hegemony, this is no time for the existed governments, allied with the U.S., to repeat an ‘everything alright’ alliance with the United States, but read into what the new administration in Washington has in mind in the context of the new world order, particularly in which China is emerging as one of the G2. However, the supreme controlled by U.S. is the way better than what China and Russia are. Imagine what might be happening if China and Russia control the supremacy, be referred territorial disputes and international disputes between China, Russia and third countries. The truly world police and the gangsters who are dully following as what Washington does.

Furthermore, variables of religion crisis are raised as the new threaten of our lives and nations. Firstly began with the Crusades; and after the time, the Soviet-Afghanistan war (U.S. supported mujahedin which lately known as Al-Qaeda), and the 9-11 Terror. And, the crisis in Iraq, caused by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, is now on present progressive.

Personally, I do not blame Islam the religion; however, the problem is the lunatics who are heretically re-writing and following Quran.

“Who successfully accomplished Jihad, they go to the heaven, and meet 72 virgins…”

The religion power is enough to tempt and make people to be crazy and dumb, even an educated person is; so the lunatics demagogy others to accomplish their ‘own’ Jihad, not by themselves; what the cowards they are.

I was able to find several similarities between ‘Mein Kampf’ (written by Adolf Hitler the dictator of the Third Empire) and them.


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