The Best Retail Experience I Encountered: JUNO HAIR

Everyone has memorable retail experiences they have encountered in our lives whether these are the worst or best. As a matter of fact, so do I. Because of the moment when I was happy for joy over unexpected service I had received, I can say that I encountered the best retail experiences in my life.

The memorable experience was happened when I was living in South Korea. One day, I went to a hair salon ‘JUNO HAIR’ ( to get a haircut. The hair salon was my favourite salon located in a town where I was living. So that day a hair dresser chopped my hair, and prepared to wash my hair. One special thing I highly satisfied is that I was treated to scalp massage: she massaged my scalp while she was shampooing my hair, and was done without adding extra charges. Consequently, the massage conducted by the hairdresser gave me a great pleasure. Thus, this could be one of my memorable retail experiences. Actually, this is a special feature of the hair salon ‘JUNO’. Scalp massage is one of basic services that is conducted not only by a particular salon, but also every branch of ‘JUNO’. Generally, other hair salons might provide this service with an extra charge.

Besides, there was another memorable retail experience. It was happened three months ago while I was staying in Korea during the vacation. During that time, I went to another hair salon to get a haircut. After finishing the hair cut, she gave me a voucher, and treated me kindly with the greatest care.

In accordance with my experiences as written above, I was able to realize how important such retail experiences are. As a result, I learnt that retail experiences are important for the success of business, and that the retail experiences can greatly affect consumers’ preferences.