Animals on Screen

Today’s blogging question is how animals have been represented in various media. These have been perhaps represented as human beings. Cambridge Dictionary (2017) defines anthropomorphism as that, “the showing or treating of animals, gods, and objects as if they are human in appearance, character, or behaviour”. For instance, the famous story books ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Peter Rabbit’, and ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’ are representatives of the examples of anthropomorphism (Cambridge Dictionary 2017).

As stated above, animals have been used to represent human beings. Especially animations for kids – such as ‘Zootopia’, ‘Ratatouille’ – have used animals in that way. Interestingly, USA Today (2016) argues that the animation ‘Zootopia’ reflects real-world issues. USA Today (2016) claims that one of the issued picturised by the animation is racial profiling.

Picture 1.0. Disney’s ‘Zootopia’ (image credits: Disney)

Unlike adorable- and cute animals in ‘Zootopia’, some animals are often perceived as one that scares and slaughters humans. This is often used in films, such as ‘Jaws’ series, and ‘Jurassic Park’ series. As such movies reflect some kinds of animals as dangerous species, publics often perceive that sharks and wild bears are dangerous. However, an interesting fact is that, based on National Geographic’s Shark Attack Facts (2017), the number of people killed by sharks in 1996 was 13 while toilets injured around 43,000 Americans in the same year. According to this statistic, entering toilets should have been prohibited as these things killed numerous people. But who cares about this? Another interesting face is that, National Geographic (2017) states that, “for every human killed by a shark, humans kill approximately two million sharks”. I believe that some animals – especially sharks – have been very mispresented by mainstream movies.

Picture 2.0. JAWS Movie Poster (image credits: Universal Pictures)

Furthermore, each different animal is often represented as a good, or villain in some media. As mentioned previously, sharks are badly represented in Hollywood movies. What about animal documentaries? According to an online video uploaded by Howard (2016), a tiger that chases a deer is shown as a predator, and the deer is represented as a prey animal. I believe many people may think that the tiger is a bad creature as this thing chases and consumes the innocent- and poor prey.

Picture 3.0. ‘National Geographic Documentary’ YouTube Video Uploaded by Gregory Howard

Like ‘Zootopia’, rabbit is often represented as a friendly- and harmless creature. ‘Cat Shit One’ is an animation that two rabbit special forces soldiers fight in battlefields. Apparently, based on the online video uploaded by IDAmovie (2011), these ‘cute’ rabbits are shown as goods, and ‘ugly’ donkeys in this animation are represented as villains holding AKM assault rifle, and RPG-7 rocket launcher.

Picture 4.0. ‘Cat Shit One’ YouTube Video Uploaded by IDAmovie

The representations of such animals have been intended by humans, not animals. However, do you believe that we have such privileges of choosing whether or not specific kinds of animals are good or evil? Perhaps this phenomenon is relevant to speciesism. Regarding the definition of speciesism, English Oxford Living Dictionaries (2017) states that, “the assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals”.

I hereby argue that such representations of animals are wrong. We know that humans have been the most dominant species on the Earth. However, does it mean that we are superior to other creatures? I do not think so. Animals also have egos that must be respected. Accordingly, I would like to say that we should respect their egos.


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The Internet

ARPANET Logical Map – This work is in the public domain because it was published in the United States between 1923 and 1977 and without a copyright notice.

Since the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (abbreviated as ARPANET; the foundation of modern Internet) had been developed by the United States Department of Defense (Kaminow & Tingye 2002, pp. 28-29), the Internet has been advanced endlessly. With the rapid advancement of the communication platform, our daily lives have been radically changed. Amongst many countries on Earth, South Korea is one of the most wired countries in the world (Internet World Stats 2016). So to speak about our Internet penetration, there are 3 major Internet service providers in South Korea: Korea Telecom (KT), SK Telecom, and LG Telecom (PCMag 2016).

Network Diagram of Internet Devices – This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License.

Let’s return to the household of the person who I spoke with in week 2. In the second week, I spoke with my mother about her memories of watching a television. And in this week (4th week), we are going to discuss what kind of Internet access is in my mother’s house, and how many devices are connected to the Internet. Firstly, there is a broadband and mobile network connection in the house. In terms of the number of devices connected to a broadband modem, the approximate number of the devices is four including a laptop, smartphone, Wi-Fi router, and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) device.

As I said early, there are three major Internet providers in the Korea, including KT, SK, and LG (PCMag 2016). Amongst the broadband and mobile network service providers, my mother is using SK’s broadband service (FTTH), and KT’s mobile network service (3G and LTE network). By the way, South Korea has one of Internet service coverages with the highest densities in the world as well as the fastest Internet speed and bandwidth (PCMag 2016). Along with Singapore, Hong Kong HKSAR, and other similar countries, the Korea is offering the highest Internet service quality, and I am really satisfied with these facts.

Besides, the Internet has changed her way of life. Especially, with the dissemination of Wi-Fi router and smartphone, this set up a ubiquitous computing environment. Literally, my mother does not need to sit in front of a computer or television anymore. She just needs a smartphone to surf websites, or watch television shows, and this can be done without space constraints.

I am also using a smartphone, there is also a FTTH connection at a place where I am staying at this moment, and the total number of devices connected to the Internet is eight, including a game console, Wi-Fi router, IPTV device, tablet PC, laptops, and smartphones. I am not sure my Wi-Fi router is capable of these many wireless connections.


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Across global films make people to tie, and the affects whether these are positive or not

'Global Film' sourced from The Global Film Institute
‘Global Film’, sourced from The Global Film Institute

All mankind around the world own different mother tongues, cultures and skin tones. However, the spreads of Globalization; after the time, we are able to communicate with the occupations at different regions.

Meanwhile in filming industries, Globalization has widely practiced and executed into the industries, not only the communications between people, and also to able the industries to thrive. Back to the topic, each different occupations at different regions are able to see overseas films in their living room with seating a downy sofa. According to the theory belonged to evolved technologies, different people have been able to easily understand and adopt different languages and cultures in their actual lives.

The Hollywood Movies, originated from the Las Vegas, have taught to people what American Patriotism and Imperialism imply. Furthermore, several Korean movies and K-Pop originated from South Korea have taught us the effects of Plastic Surgery.

Not only has such the negative effected as shown above, these films and cultural aspects have made many people indirectly experiencing other regions’ aspects, without boarding to the destinations; and people, who are bored to the local cultures, to be laughed for newly transformed humours that never experienced before at the boundary line of local areas. At least, I know who Stephen Chow is. Personally, he is one of the most favourite Chinese actor for me. Moreover, his acting style is really well-collaborated to my preference.

At the conclusion of the essay, I would like to define the word ‘Glolocalization’, the compounded word that compounds the words ‘Global’, ‘Local’ and ‘-lization’; adapting and being globalized at limited local areas.